High School Orchestra
  Student Band Program  

Rob Coyne School of Music Education's Student Band Program introduces young inspiring musicians to the world of playing in a band. The focus is that they apply what they have learned in their own studies and bring it in to a group setting. Students are presented an array of different level songs that they will work on as a team.  They will learn not only how to play various songs together as a band, but they will also learn what it takes to be prepared on a stage playing in front of a crowd from experience performers. We also bring in specialists in many different areas of musical performance to share their experience as a working, or past performing musician. Our Student Band Program provides a great opportunity to learn the skills and teamwork necessary to play together in a band, which positively transcends into other areas of life.

Enrollment is Easy!

To sign up for private lessons or enroll in one of our special programs, you may call 401-337-5206 or click on the button below to register online.

RCSME Policies

  • Each student needs to complete the minimum of four lessons in each month to ensure continuity and to hold their chosen day/timeslot. The only exception being if the school is closing for a holiday/break, this will result in a shorter month and you will be notified by the instructor.


  • Monthly Tuition for (4) half hour lessons is $120.


  • Monthly Tuition for (4) one-hour lessons is $240.


  • Some months will have a 5th week, if it falls during the student’s lesson day, they can opt to take the 5th lesson which will bring the ½ hour monthly tuition to $150 or the 1-hour lesson to $300. If the student opts out of the 5th week, please let the instructor know what date they will not be in for their lesson.


  • Tuition should be paid to your instructor directly, in either cash or check and is due the first week of the new month.


  • There will be one excused absence every month (make up lesson given).


  • 24-hour notice must be given to qualify for a makeup lesson, which may be scheduled at the convenience for both instructor and student.


  • On the 1st of each month students may attempt to reschedule lessons if there are time conflicts (vacations/other commitments) this will be at each instructors’ discretion.


  • All students should arrive at least 5 minutes early to be prepared and get the most out of each lesson.