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High School Orchestra

We offer programs for all ages and skill levels that are focused on creating a fun and creative learning environment. Please see our School Policies below: 

RCSME Policies

  • Each student needs to complete the minimum of four lessons in each month to ensure continuity and to hold their chosen day/timeslot. The only exception being if the school is closing for a holiday/break, this will result in a shorter month, and you will be notified by the instructor.

  • There will be one excused absence every month (make up lesson given). 24-hour notice must be given to qualify for said makeup lesson, which can be scheduled at the convenience of both instructor and student.

  • NO SHOW lessons and consistent call outs will result in a forfeited paid lesson. While we understand last minute things happen, please understand that reoccurring call outs and reschedules cannot be honored due to the full schedules each instructor has this year.  

  • On the 1st of each month students may attempt to reschedule lessons if there are time conflicts (vacations/other commitments) this will be at each instructors’ discretion.

  • In the past all instructors have attempted to be as flexible as they can to hold time slots for students who participate in other activities. This year we currently have a waiting list for students, so please be aware that we may not be able to hold a time slot for longer than a month.

  • Monthly Tuition for (4) half hour lessons is $140.

  • Monthly Tuition for (4) one-hour lessons is $280.

  • Some months have a 5th week, if it falls during the student’s lesson day, they can opt to take the 5th lesson which will bring the ½ hour monthly tuition to $175 or the 1-hour lesson to $350. If the student opts out of the 5th week, please let the instructor know what date they will not be in for their lesson, so the instructor can coordinate accordingly.

  • Tuition should be paid to your instructor directly, in either cash, check, or Venmo (if individual instructor accepts this form of payment) and is due the first week of the new month.

  • All students should arrive at least 5 minutes early to be prepared and get the most out of each lesson.

  • NO PARKING in front of the loading dock is permitted per our landlord. We have received permission from Navigant Credit Union, across the street, to use their parking lot after their hours of operation (see NCU's hours below). If there are no spots left in the Handkerchief Factory lot or one of the side streets you may use NCU’s parking lot without fear of being towed. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

Navigant Credit Union's Hours of Operations (please only park in their lot when they are closed):

Saturday: 8:30 AM–12 PM

Sunday: Closed

Monday - Wednesday: 9 AM - 4 PM

Thursday: 9 AM–5 PM

Friday: 9 AM–6 PM

Enrollment is Easy!

To sign up for private lessons or enroll in one of our special programs, you may call 401-337-5206 or click on the button below to register online.

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