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RCSME Welcomes Jake Heady to its Talented Team of Music Educators

We are pleased to announce that Jake Heady has joined the Rob Coyne School of Music Education as a professional Piano and Voice Teacher.  He truly loves to teach and share his experiences with all ages. To learn more about Jake, click below:

"A HUGE THANK YOU to my family, friends, EforAll Cohort, and the amazing #RCSOME family for supporting my dream!! I'm so unbelievable proud of the cohort, we've all come such a long way in the last two years and watching you all doing BIG, amazing things makes me humbled to have been apart of your journey!"

RCSME Unveils New Murals by Artist Matt Charros in Hendrix room, Beatles room and Buddy Rich Drum room

Hendrix Room:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Beatles room:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

 Buddy Rich Drum room:

RCSME, Neverland Children’s Theatre and Just Dance! have collaborated to create a scholarship to help foster artistic self-expression for qualifying East Bay students

The RCSOME Scholarship Fund’s mission is to teach the value of music education, by supporting developing musicians who understand the significance of what consistent practice, a can-do attitude, and commitment can lead to on their musical journey. We want to ensure that students in need have opportunities to express themselves creatively through music.


Click the donate button to enrich the lives of our students through the joy of music! 100% of the proceeds will go students that are chosen by the RCSME criteria and will distributed annually at the recital.

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For more information, stop by our school - 569 Main Street,  Suite 116B or call (401) 337-5206.